The presentation of the book "In the world of Ketevan Ananiashvili"
16 December 2016 Year


On  November 16  at  the mirror hall of the Palace was  held the evening of memory of the famous writer, educator Ketevan  Ananiashvili, also  the presentation of the book "In the world of Ketevan  Ananiashvili", which is dedicated to its multi-faceted activities. Pupils of the circle of lovers of literature read literary excerpts from letters, sketches of well-known teacher, addressed the guests with interesting questions. The disciples of Ketevan Ananiashvili - famous figures of science and Culture recalled memorable years spent at the Palace. The   author of the book Professor Tamaz Lominadze  handed to the Cabinet of lovers of literature unique books from the library of a famous teacher. Musical numbers were performed by the students of the music  Studio of the National Palace.